Monday, November 28, 2011


Antibacterial activity

Enteric gram-negative bacilli.
Limited gram-positive coverage.
No anaerobic coverage.
Has less intrinsic bactericidal activities compare to other quinolones

Pregnancy Risk Factor

Class C


Hypersensitivity to cinoxacin, other quinolones or any component
Do not use if pregnancy/lactating patient
Use caution if CNS/seizure disorder
Not recommended in children <18 years of age. Mechanism of Action Prevents supercoiling of nucleic acids of bacteria. Pharmacodynamics Metabolism: Partially metabolized in the liver. Half-life: 1.5 hours, changes with renal function Elimination: renal Dosage Children:   not approved under 18 years old Adults: 250 mg PO q6h or 500 mg PO q12h (qd for prophylaxis) Dose VS renal function Cr. clearance: ml/min <10: 250 PO q24h (do not use if anuria) 10-50: 250 PO q12-24h 50-80: 250 mg PO q8h >80: unchanged
Hemo: post dialysis dose of 50% normal dose q12h
CAPD: 50% of normal dose q8h

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